Change of Location!

Change of Location!

Church family,

As we have discussed and announced at church multiple times and at the Body Life meeting, we have been in discussions with the elders at Harmony Church concerning use of their facilities. Harmony has offered to let us use their facilities for free! (Note: We had also talked with the elders at Westminster Presbyterian church, and while they are still very much open to the possibility, they are still working through details of a possible partnership.) I’ll be as brief as I can, but here are the details. Feel free to email me ( if you have any further questions.


WHEN: We will start meeting at Harmony Church on SUNDAY, JAN 17, @ 12:30pm. Initially, this will be a 3 month “trial period” for both Harmony and Heritage, making sure that we’re all ok with the arrangement. But we’re expecting no problems, and for the agreement to continue.
WHY: There were multiple reasons why we decided to make the move, none of which were necessarily deal breakers on their own, but combined they warranted exploration of possible change…

  • No really good option for parents of young children to take their children during the service (except the weight room)
  • Concern of cleanliness of the YMCA, especially the Youth Center where we eat.
  • Space for lunch at the YMCA is getting close to max
  • At least a third of the men in the congregation have asked if they could carry concealed at Heritage Fellowship. Currently, the YMCA has asked that we not do that.
  • Another church will be starting up at the YMCA this coming Sunday. That means that 200+ people will be at the YMCA during the time while we’re there (though they’ll be restricted to the upper part of the YMCA, not in our area at all).
  • Harmony’s rental cost was ZERO.

Also know that the relationship with the YMCA has been fantastic! Dave Jordan and I met with John Hoffman early last week, and he expressed the same, also offering to hold the space for us in case we want to return.

We’ll need to do some things differently. For example, lunch. We’ll be starting with lunch at 12:30pm, with a shared meal like always. That’s a blessing for those who travel far for church, a wonderful welcome to visitors, and a good reminder to all of us that we need to be focusing “outward”, especially during the meal. Picture it like a family reunion pot luck, where you expect (and even pray for) your family to grow larger!

Ok, that’s it for now. It’s an exciting change! Be prayerful! Stay focused!
Press on,