Joshua 24:29-33

Joshua 24:29-33

This Sunday we were joined by Eric Burd of Vancouver Household of Faith Church via Skype for the sermon ending our series on the book of Joshua.

Joshua 24:29-33

I.  Joshua lived faithfully to the end.

            Verse 29  After these things…

A.      Joshua… died, being 110 years old.

B.      Joshua’s 30 years of faithfulness honored.


II.  Joshua’s influenced his entire generation.

            Verse 31  Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua

A.      Joshua knew God…

B.      God harkened to Joshua voice like no other man.

C.       An encouragement to us as parents. Josh 1:6-9


III.  Joshua’s burial accounted with other faithful men…

…We should all aspire to “finish well.”


IV.  A theme of the Book of Joshua? – Idolatry…

A.      A theme in both Hebrew history and our Sanctification.

B.      Idols are a tool to help us to get what we want.

C.      The Peacemaker: Ken Sande

1.      The making of an idol – James 1:14-15 / James 4:1-4

a.       Desire

b.      Demand

c.       Judging

d.      Punishing

2.  Helpful ideas in tearing down idols…

a.  Work backward – who do I punish, judge, demand…what do I desire?

b.  Ask yourself X-Ray Questions.*

c.   Pray for God to make you miserable.

d.  Set up an accountabilityy partner.

e.   Journal your successes and failures.


Conclusion: (Rom 12:1-2)

We all struggle with idols…

…sanctification is the turning of our affections to God…

…the tearing down of idols of the heart…


* Sample X-Ray Questions:

a. What thoughts am I obsessed with…what preoccupies my mind?

b. How would you answer this: “If only ____________, then I could be happy.”

c. Is there something I want so badly I am willing to disappoint or hurt others to get it?

d. What do I have a right to? What do I think I need? What do I fear?

e. In what do I put my trust for peace or security?


Table Talk / Discussion Questions

1.      Where can we see Idolatry as a theme in the Book of Joshua?

2.      Explain the process of the development of an idol – Desire – Demand – Judge – Punish?

3.      What are some ways that the Book of Joshua shows us that God deals with idolatry